ACCON Sewerage Waste Rainwater (SWR) Pipes & Fittings are vailable in 'O' ring joint & Solvent fit joint for Quick, Efficient & Leak Proof Waste Discharge systems for Homes, Apartments, Hostels, Commercial Complex, Airports & Hospitals. Also suitable to drain out the industrial wastage in food processing plant. Venting of gasses/smells/bad odors. Non pressure drainage application. Rain water transportation.


• Quick, Easy Installation & Light Weight

• Leak proof Joints

• High Quality

• Manufactured using latest Injection Molding Technology

• Economical Low Maintenance

• UV stabilized & Weather Proof

• Corrosion & Chemical Resistance

• High flow rate due to smooth inner Surface Hygienic & Environment friendly

• Easy access for cleaninge

• Alternative to cast iron and cements systems